Growing up taxidermy was something that always intrigued me. Helping individuals relive their memories for a lifetime.

A little bit about us...

We at wildlife obsessions taxidermy understand the importance of what your trophy means as a representation of your hunt, your values and your memories made while Enjoying your love for the outdoors.   We have a passion and endless love for the wildlife we memorialize, and we are dedicated to providing all our customers with the highest quality mounts through one of the cleanest shops you'll ever see. Our cleanliness and attention to detail is just the beginning from our shop, our shop is kept very organized and cleaned daily to help keep everything organized. we enjoy getting to hear each and every story behind each animal all while starting to develop long lasting relationships with you and friends over the many years to come.  We appreciate your business and hope to be part of your hunting experience for years to come. Feel free to stop by our shop anytime. Monday through Friday 8 to 6 o'clock and Saturday 9 to 5 O'clock (Sunday we are closed) During Hours my wife Marcy or I will be there to answer any questions or feel free to give us a call.